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Property Maintenance

Running a home takes a lot of time and effort. Not just in the day-to-day workings of family life. But in making sure the fixtures, fittings and infrastructure are in top condition to keep everyone safe and also so they can enjoy living in the home. Unfortunately it’s the hidden issues which can cause a sudden drama – cracks, damp, out-of-sight roof issues. That’s why employing a professional with experience in property welfare makes sense.

James the decorator has built excellent working relationships with regular customers over many years. We love what we do and it’s not just about income – for us, it’s a positive way of life. Our work is our calling and we love helping people to get the most out of their living environments.  

If you need property maintenance – painting, decorating, kitchen installations, fencing, etc – please pick up the phone and talk to us. We’ve gained experience of all kinds of property issues over the years and we know how make a home to stay in excellent condition.

Here are tips on home maintenance:-

Is there a fiddler on the roof? It’s not likely but you can’t be sure unless you check your roof regularly. Do you know what’s going on above your head? Cracked guttering, broken tiles, issues in the chimney – call in James the decorator to have a look. We can also outsource issues in the chimney to a reliable technician. Pointing for tiles must always be in good condition with no moss. Gunked-up leaves and weeds in gutters cause blockages. If you’re not sure about your roof’s condition, ask James the decorator.

Water and damp: Water issues can really damage a home. Check the infrastructure regularly. Damp in walls, for example, needs prompt professional treatment. Water can enter via all kinds of cracks or substandard mortar joints. There may also be leaks around pipework where water flow is found (toilet, kitchen, bathroom). Replace damaged seals and keep taps clean. Cement mortar over waste pipes must be in good form and there should be no climbing roses or ivy on walls because of potential brickwork damage.

Keep an eye on woodwork: Woodwork is a great way of keeping out damp as well as giving pleasing aesthetic qualities – but only if it is kept in a good condition. Prevent damp by painting wooden window frames and doors once every three years and replace damaged glass to keep out damp.

Floors, windows and walls: Floors put up with a lot of pressure, especially from children. Keep them regularly clean. Door mats help and carpets should be professionally steam cleaned once per year. Be aware of cracks in walls because they hold up the house. Ask James the decorator to fix any issues. It will be cheaper to fix problems sooner than later. Watch out too for rising damp and any condensation on bathroom walls.

Be a bright spark: Always turn off electricity for a few minutes before replacing plugs of light bulbs. Larger scale work legally requires qualified electricians.

Tools at the ready: Investing in a toolbox with tools means you will have the right equipment to fix daily DIY issues. The small jobs you can tackle yourself. Tools can include screwdrivers, spanners, pliers, spanners, and a hammer with nails, washers and screws. You might want to invest in an electric drill alongside basic electrician’s tools such as special wire pliers or a wrench and gaffer tape for plumbing issues. Keep a torch (that works) and batteries/light bulbs/fuses stocked up in a safe and warm spot in your home to help in an emergency. Ladders are a good idea but keep them in safe storage.

If you need help with DIY work, please get in touch. Our specialism is painting, decorating and associated works but we’re also ‘handy men’ and can help with most practical tasks around the home.

Property maintenance services in Crowborough, Hadlow, Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and throughout the South West.