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Kitchens and bathrooms

Everyone wants an ideal home. Just have a look at the magazine stand, the next time you visit a newsagent or supermarket. Home magazines are a popular choice, peeking out among other publication titles. Wouldn’t you love to own an ideal home? A key feature of any plush abode is the kitchen and bathroom(s). Therefore it is crucial to find the right look and feel for these two rooms to achieve a personalised interior design, which expresses your story.

James the decorator can create your kitchen and bathroom(s). That’s right – installation, repairs and refurbishment, painting and wallpapering. We’re talking about every aspect. Phone us to talk through your needs, because our advice is free and impartial. Other homeowners testify to the excellent service received from James the decorator and we would be happy to help you.

Every aspect of creating or recreating kitchens can be catered for (no pun intended!). James the decorator’s team can strip out older parts and dispose of them safely in an environmentally friendly manner. At all times, we’ll keep within your interior design and will fit any type of cooker and appliance, as well as floor installation and protection. Other fixtures such as sinks, taps, cabinets, shelves and worktops can also be set up, located in the correct position and we’ll ensure it all works properly for you. It’s more than likely that the ceiling and walls will need re-tiling or repainting and we’ll make sure it looks fresh, smart and inviting for you and loved ones.


Kitchens play an important role in keeping everyone happy at home. They’re the epicentre of family discussions as well as the source of many a merry meal! We can guide you with using the best use of space in your kitchen and how the room’s furniture and furnishings should work best for you. You can be assured of industry standard craftsmanship from our experts at all times. We’re not happy until you’re happy!


Bathrooms should be designed to evoke positivity, after all there is nothing better than relaxing in the bath or shower. So the design should be zesty and comfortable, and in keeping with the rest of your home. It can be stressful, having leaking toilets, cracked tiles and tacky walls . James the decorator will clear out all that rubbish and, in keeping with your plans, we’ll put in replacement toilets, baths or sinks, even shelves. We can repaint or re-tile walls as well. It’s important the bathroom doesn’t just look well but functions well and it’s long lasting in terms of the features offered. So whether you want a trendy ‘wet room’ or something simple, James the Decorator can meet your needs.

Tip: Plans for redesigning your home can sometimes miss the importance of bathrooms. Having a bath or shower in a very relaxed environment can really help your day. So how do you achieve that? Write some ideas down and then call us – we can work with you to create a wonderful and affordable new room.


Kitchen and Bathroom design and installation services in Crowborough, Hadlow, Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and throughout the South West